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Volume 5 Issue 1
Volume & Issue: Volume 5 Issue 1

Fundamentals and Applications of Thermal Spray Coating
  Volume 5,Issue 1

Author :

Mitra Akhtari Zavareha ,Ahmed Aly Diaa Mohammed Sarhanb, Parisa Akhtari Zavarehc, Bushroa Abd Razakd, Saeid Kakooeie


Abstract :

The common manufacturing processing method for improving the surface of piping and accessories is overly welding or cladding. This method has some limitations, such as its limitation for choosing materials. In addition, the high temperature of welding causes the final surface has some defects such as, thermal residual stress, cracking and distortion in the substrate. The method is also time-consuming and costly. However, the coating method provides a blend of unique properties with low cost. Thermal spray methods are cold spraying techniques that have a considerably less thermal stress, residual stress and other defects. Among different thermal spray coating techniques, high velocity oxygen fuel (HVOF) and plasma is the most commonly thermal spraying coating process to produce anti-wear and corrosion coatings with different types of materials such as metal, alloys, ceramic composite, etc. Furthermore, HVOF and plasma thermally sprayed coating process induces microstructure heterogeneities, which increase the corrosion and wear resistance.


Keywords :

Thermal Spray Coating, Plasma, HVOF

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