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Volume 4 Issue 1
Volume & Issue: Volume 4 Issue 1

Analysis of Soil Nutrient Status Changes on Andisol as a Dominant Order Soil in Indonesia Tea Planting Area
  Volume 4,Issue 1

Author :

Restu Wulansari, Eko Pranoto


Abstract :

Generally, tea plant in Indonesia cultivated in orders Andisols, Inceptisols, Ultisols and Entisols which have different soil nutrient status. Andisol is the most suitable soil and dominant order in Indonesia for tea planting. This study used the soil analysis data of Andisol that located in West Java tea plantation at the same areas in 2010 and 2012 contained in the districts of Bandung, Bogor, Sukabumi, Garut and Cianjur with a total area of 14524.19 ha with a total sample of 196 sample. Based on the analysis, nutrient status changes in Andisol, ie: change nutrient status of C-organic in 2010 was dominated high status of 82.20% and 2012 decreased became of 57.63%; change nutrient status of N-Total in 2010 was dominated high status of 57.63% and 2012 still dominated the high status of 58.47%; change nutrient status of P-available in 2010 dominated by low status of 26,27% and 2012 have been decreased of 55% for the low status became of 11.86%; change nutrient status of K-exchangeable (K-exc) in 2010 was dominated medium status of 31.36% and 2012 decreased of 41% still dominated the medium status became of 18.64%; and change nutrient status of Mg-exchangeable (Mg-exc) in 2010 was dominated the low status of 36.44% and 2012 decreased became of 20.34%. Based on a comparison of the soil analysis on the last two years obtained that showed dominance the average soil nutrient status was decreased on all Andisol of tea plantations in West Java. Changes in soil nutrient status provides an overview of tea plantation at this time and showed dominancy decrease in all Andisol nutrient status on tea plantations in West Java. If this condition is not immediately being overcome, it can cause degradation of nutrients which affect its decrease for soil productivity and crop productivity.


Keywords :

Andisol, Change Soil Nutrient Status, Tea Planting Area, Indonesia

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