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Volume 3 Issue 11
Volume & Issue: Volume 3 Issue 11

Design, Development and Analysis of a Composite Pressure Tube
  Volume 3,Issue 11

Author :

N. Charishma, E. Kavitha, P. Anusha


Abstract :

Composite materials making their own way in various fields and replacing metals due to their high strength, lower weight and corrosion resistance properties. Due to rapid changes in the field of materials, composite materials are considered as a suitable alternative to metals in the manufacturing of Pressure tubes. So it is very essential to do proper designing and analysis to know the capacity and pressure. In the present work Composite Pressure Tube (CPT) is designed, manufactured and analyzed, considering Maximum Expecting Operating Pressure (MEOP) as 60 bars and allowable stress as 250MPa, designing is carried out using Classical Lamination Theory (CLT) approach. Polymer matrix such as epoxy reinforced with E-Glass fiber has chosen in the present work as they possess extremely high strength. A mandrel designed and fabricated out of steel has been used to realize the CPT. The tube is examined by NDE methods such as Coin tapping test and ultra-sonic test for quality assurance. Pressure test is conducted by incorporating a rubber bladder into CPT to find the sustainability and found that tube can withstand up to pressure of 60 bars, after that rubber bladder started air leakage when the pressure is reaching 70 bars, but no air leakage from the CPT. Finally CPT is modeled in ANSYS and analyzed by applying the different internal pressure like MEOP, Maximum pressure obtained from experiment and Calculated Burst Pressure i.e., 60bars, 70bars and 75bars respectively to compare and confirm the experimental results.


Keywords :

Composite pressure tube (CPT), Burst Pressure, Pressure Testing.

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