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Volume 3 Issue 10
Volume & Issue: Volume 3 Issue 10

Exergy Based Analysis of an Open Cycle Gas Turbine Power Plant
  Volume 3,Issue 10

Author :

Mukesh Gupta, Raj Kumar


Abstract :

Open cycle gas turbine power plants play a significant role in the power generation industry. In India alone, 10.5% of the total thermal power capacity is generated by gas turbine power plants. Hence, analysis of these power plants is of significant interest from thermodynamic point of view. Over the years, many researchers have analysed the performance of open cycle gas turbine power plants using the approach based on first law of thermodynamics which uses energy as the criterion for defining the performance of the power plants. However use of this approach has its limitations as it is unable to take into account the irreversibilities which are inherent part of the system. To take into account these irreversibilities, a new approach was developed based on the second law of thermodynamics. In this approach, exergy is the criterion for defining the performance of a thermal system. This approach allows us to take into consideration the irreversibilities associated with the various components of the system. In the current study, an exergy based approach has been illustrated for an open cycle gas turbine power plant. For formulation, a 25 MW open cycle gas turbine power plant has been considered as an example. Detailed exergy analysis has been done for the various plant components. Exergy destruction has been calculated for various components and the effect of thermodynamic variables on the exergy destruction in various components has been analyzed. Finally, equations have been developed which provide a correlation between the exergy destruction in different components as a function of the thermodynamic variables under consideration. The current study provides a robust method which can be used to analyze open cycle gas turbines of different capacities.


Keywords :

Exergetic analysis, Open cycle gas turbine, Exergy destruction

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