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Volume 3 Issue 10
Volume & Issue: Volume 3 Issue 10

Seismic Rehabilitation of Rectangular Section Reinforced Concrete Bridge Piers With Localized Corrosion in Aggressive Environment by FRP And Steel Jacket
  Volume 3,Issue 10

Author :

Fatemeh Keyghobadi, Mohammadreza Noorishirazi, Hamzeh Shahpouri


Abstract :

Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) has been widely used all over the world to rehabilitate and retrofitting of RC columns. This research has been numerically investigated a square section concrete column partially warped by FRP under axial load by ABAQUS software. The main aim of this study is to parametrically discuss the concrete compressive strength, magnitude of axial load which has been applied at the top of the column, length of corrosive zone, corrosive percentage, column slenderness and the capability of FRP as a retrofitting material. The results indicate that the column slenderness has immense impact on cyclic behavior of column and also shows that combination of FRP and steel jacketing has been obviously enhance the strength of column infected by corroded zone.


Keywords :

FRP, Reinforced concrete columns, Plastic hinge, Rehabilitation, Bridge pier

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