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Volume 3 Issue 8
Volume & Issue: Volume 3 Issue 8

Observations in quiet day pattern of cosmic radio noise using riometers
  Volume 3,Issue 8

Author :

S. Nikte, D.P. Nade, A. K. Sharma, G. A. Chavan, O. B. Gurav, M. V. Rokade, M. P. Yadav, P.T. Patiland R, N. Ghodpage


Abstract :

The quiet-time (?Kp ? 3) daily variations of the cosmic radio noise at polar, auroral, sub-auroral and mid-latitude stations during period of solar minimum are utilized to develop the quiet day pattern of cosmic noise signals. Data of three southern and seven northern riometer stations have been used in the present study. Average of five international quiet days is done to execute a signal pattern for a particular month. We studied latitudinal and longitudinal variations in the signal strength of cosmic radio noise for both the hemispheres. For polar latitudinal stations Davis and Mason (Geomag lat.73.05?S, Geomag Long. 111.67?E), it is observed that there is a change in the maximum value of the signal strength. In all stations it has been observed that the tendency of quiet day pattern of cosmic radio noise is nearly same. This result indicate the rotation of earth around center of Galaxy.


Keywords :

Cosmic noise, Quiet day curve, riometer

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