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Volume 3 Issue 7
Volume & Issue: Volume 3 Issue 7

Plasticity modeling of partial-confined concrete with steel jacketing
  Volume 3,Issue 7

Author :

Javad Mokari Rahmdel, Erfan Shafei


Abstract :

Current research presents experimental and numerical investigation on concrete material with partial steel jackets, which endures axial compression. Experimental procedure provides the primary data for calibration of proposed model. Compressive specimens with various confining steel jacket configurations load up to complete crushing, then the recorded strain components and resisted force extract to numerical model in advance. A continuous cap plasticity surface expresses the non-uniform expansion and contraction of concrete beside an isotropic damage law that models the strength degradation using ABAQUS code. In current mathematical model, the compaction and dilation of concrete is function of lateral pressure provided by steel jackets. The confining pressure is non-uniform due to discrete arrangement of steel ties in jacket and yielding of steel as concrete expands. Model presents parametric curves in order to design the confined-to-unconfined strength and ductility capacities of confined concrete. The presented numerical model is in close agreement with experimental results based on acquired results. Curves for ductility and strength of confined concrete derived along with parametric study for various effective confining stress and jacket tie spacing.


Keywords :

plain concrete, retrofitting, steel jacket, partial confinement, ductility, computational plasticity

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