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Volume 1 Issue 1
Volume & Issue: Volume 1 Issue 1

Signature Of Warmer Late Holocene Around Vestfold Hills, East Antarctica
  Volume 1,Issue 1

Author :

Abhijit Mazumder- Pawan Govil


Abstract :

To interpret palaeoclimatology of Vestfold Hills region, an inland lake sediment core of 47 cm length was studied with respect to its diatom population. A total of 13 diatom species was identified and used for the Q-mode cluster analysis. Cluster analysis delineates five major clusters, including two sub-clusters. These clusters and sub-clusters are represented by typical diatom assemblages, arranged along the length of the core. Increasing trend of Diploneis crabro and decreasing trend of Fragilariopsis curta and Achnanthes taylorensis towards the top of the core reveals colder climatic condition during early to mid-Holocene which changed to warmer climatic condition and nutrient-rich lacustrine environment during late Holocene. It also implies the ice cover of the lake was melt not less than late Holocene. However, the continuous presence of marine diatom reveals that the lake was constantly in contact with the marine water inlet.


Keywords :

Vestfold Hills - Diatom - Cluster Analysis - Holocene - alaeoclimate

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