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Volume 3 Issue 7
Volume & Issue: Volume 3 Issue 7

Performance of Response surface method using genetic algorithm on re-entry time prediction problem
  Volume 3,Issue 7

Author :

M.Mutyalarao, M. Xavier James Raj


Abstract :

Accurate re-entry time prediction of uncontrolled space objects is a important activity for early planning of mitigation strategies. The re-entry time prediction of the three decayed space objects namely spent cryogenic stage of the Indian geo-synchronous launch vehicle, GSLV-D5/CUS, Phobos-Grunt and ROSAT satellite has been carried out in this paper. Two parameters, eccentricity and ballistic coefficient, are considered for optimal estimation of initial state of the space objects orbit. These two parameters are computed based on response surface method using genetic algorithm for the selected different time zones. The time zones are arrived in terms of near linear variation of the mean semi-major axis values. The study shows a good agreement between the actual and the predicted re-entry times.


Keywords :

response surface method, genetic algorithm, optimization, mean semi-major axis, osculating eccentricity, ballistic coefficient

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