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Volume 3 Issue 5
Volume & Issue: Volume 3 Issue 5

Fast Green Method Synthesis of Copper (II) Schiff Base Complex in Nano Scale by Sonochemical Method
  Volume 3,Issue 5

Author :

Iran Sheikhshoaie, Zeinab Tohidiyana


Abstract :

The copper (II) Schiff base complex, [Cu2 (L)], 3H2O, where L: 2,7,13,18- tetramethyl-3,6,14,17-tetraazatricyclo-[]-tetracosa1(23),2,6,8(24),9,11,13,17,19,21decaene-9,11,20,22-tetraol,in nano scale was synthesis under ultrasonic irradiation in a short time. The morphology of nano powder was obtained is rods which were loosely aggregation. Fluorescence property of this nano particle reveals a blue shift duo to the reduction particle size to nano scale. Sonochemical method is suitable for preparing nano rods of [Cu2 (L)], 3H2O Schiff base complex. In comparing with other methods, this method is facile, fast, low-cost, safe and suitable for industrial production. The crystallinity, purity and morphology of this Cu (II) complex product were characterized by powder X-ray diffraction (XRD) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The powder X-ray diffraction and scanning electron microscopy confirmed that the prepared Cu (II) Schiff base complex nano rods are pure single phases.


Keywords :

XRD, Ultrasonic irradiation, Copper(II) complex, FESEM, Nano rods

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