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Volume 3 Issue 4
Volume & Issue: Volume 3 Issue 4

Survey on the impact of botanical insecticides Sirinol and Palizin on (Eotetranychus Hirsti) population control of the Fig spider Mite in the township of Poledochtar (Lorestan province)
  Volume 3,Issue 4

Author :

M. Soleimani, Z. Rafei, E. Sedaghatfar


Abstract :

Fig spider mite (Eotetranychus Hirsti) is the most important blight of fig in the township Poledochtar in Lorestan province that is causing annually irreparable damages to orchards in this township. The survey studied the controlled impact of treatments Sirinol and Palizin in a randomized complete blok. The population density was estimated a day before the poison spraying. The Experiment was accomplished with four repetitions and in line with an example experiment (control experiment). 3, 7 and 14 days after the use of the treatments the number of the ticks in every 4 square centimeters leaf (left and right side) was counted and the percentage of the amended mortality on the basic of the Henderson Tilton formula calculated. The results of the comparison of the mean values of achieved data have proved that the Sirinol 4 and treatments 5 per mille was causing in 3 day 96.18,99.37, 7 day 94.59,98.98 and 14 day 90.77,95.13 the highest casualties in the tick population and showed significant differences with other . The Palizin treatments 2 and 3 per mille was causing in 3 day 40.92, 51.26,7 day 45.04,54.27 and 14 day 32.70,43.15 the lowest casualties. The results of the survey highlighted that the botanical extract Sirinol had the highest impact on control of Fig spider mite and could be a suitable candidate and alternative for chemical toxins.


Keywords :

Fig spider mite, Eotetranychus Hirsti, Sirinol, Palizin

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