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Volume 3 Issue 4
Volume & Issue: Volume 3 Issue 4

Efficacy of post-emergence herbicide for managing Diplachne fusca in sugarcane field
  Volume 3,Issue 4

Author :

Nooshin Ghanbarpour, Eskandar Zand, Noorali Sajedi


Abstract :

A study to determine the relative efficiency of chemical weed control was conducted at the research and education institute of Khuzestan sugarcane industry, Iran, during 2011- 2012. The experiment comprised of nine treatments (Dinamic at 2 kg ha-1, Gramaxone at 2 L ha-1, Gesapax at 2 kg ha-1, Basta + surfactant at 8 L ha-1, Cruz at 2 kg ha-1, Sencor+ surfactant at 3 kg ha-1, Sencor + Gesapax at 1.5+ 1.5 kg ha-1 respectively, Roundup at 8 L ha-1, Krismat at 2.5 kg ha-1 and control) were tested against Diplachne fusca. The test replicated 3 and 4 times under greenhouse and field conditions, respectively. The detail of treatment is given at table- 2 and table- 4. ANOVAs were carried out with SAS. Software and differences in means were detected by using the Duncan test at p = 0.05. During our study, the least loss dry weight of weed was observed in Gesapax treatment that were not significantly different with control. According to our research, it seems that either at field condition with Roundup and Basta + surfactant or at greenhouse condition with the combination of Sencor + Gesapax that was not significantly different with Krismat, Roundup, Sencor+ surfactant and Basta + surfactant, left highest impact on D. fusca. This study demonstrates (under field and greenhouse condition) Gesapax as post emergence spray proved less effective than other treatments. This study demonstrates that the weed D. fusca was not effectively controlled by these current herbicides.


Keywords :

herbicide, post emergence, Diplachne fusca, Sugarcane

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