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Volume 3 Issue 3
Volume & Issue: Volume 3 Issue 3

Persian Gulf Fault: New Seismotectonic Element on Seabed
  Volume 3,Issue 3

Author :

Hadi Jarahi, Noushin Naraghiaraghi, Malihe Nadalian


Abstract :

The Zagros zone is considered an important seismotectonic element for ages because of oil traps. The formation and destruction of these oil traps are primarily influenced by fold systems and their relationship with fault zones. In this research, the seismotectonic components of the northwest Persian Gulf were explored to identify their hidden structural patterns on seabed and their relations with petroleum reservoirs. Accordingly, the seismicity, seismic, and isodepth data of Hendijan, Bahregansar, and Norouz anticlines were used in the analysis. Result of the investigation determined the existence of Persian Gulf fault, a seabed fault in southwest Iran. In particular, the findings of this research explained the formation of Dezful Embayment and the focal mechanism of the Persian Gulf fault.


Keywords :

oil traps, hidden structural patterns, isodepth data, Persian Gulf fault

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