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Volume 3 Issue 2
Volume & Issue: Volume 3 Issue 2

Transient Stability Enhancement of Single Machine Infinite Bus (SMIB) System using TCSC based Controller
  Volume 3,Issue 2

Author :

Neha Maithil, Rahul Agrawal, Sourabh Kothari


Abstract :

In present scenario, the major concern of the power engineers is to increase the power transfer capability of the existing system and power system stability for increasing system performance and reliable operation. This led to the development of FACTS technology. FACTS controllers enhance power transfer capability as well as power system stability. This paper presents modeling and simulation of single machine infinite bus (SMIB) system with PSS incorporated with TCSC controller. Thyristor Controlled Series Capacitor (TCSC) controller is used to improve transient stability of the SMIB system. Design of PSS and TCSC controller is proposed. The model of SMIB with both PSS and TCSC is developed in MATLAB for simulation purpose. Three phase symmetrical faults are introduced in the study. The simulation results show that the stability of the power system is being improved by TCSC controller and it effectively damp out the power system oscillations.


Keywords :

Transient Stability, Single Machine Infinite Bus (SMIB) System, FACTS, Power System Stabilizer (PSS), TCSC Controller

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