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Volume 3 Issue 2
Volume & Issue: Volume 3 Issue 2

Preparation and Characterization of Highly Conducting and Transparent ZnO Thin Films by Ultrasonic Spray Pyrolysis
  Volume 3,Issue 2

Author :

Seniye Karakaya, Omer Ozbas


Abstract :

Zinc oxide (ZnO) has been received much attention due to its numerous technological applications such as contact for photovoltaic devices and surface acoustic wave devices. In this study, ZnO thin films have been prepared by ultrasonic spray pyrolysis technique on glass substrates at 3505 oC. Surface properties of the films have been characterized by atomic force microscopy (AFM) images and roughness values. Transmittance and absorbance spectra have been taken by UV-VIS spectrophotometer. Optical interference pattern in transmittance spectra shows good homogeneity with a transparency of 83% in the visible region. Optical constants of ZnO films such as refractive index (n) and extinction coefficient (k) have been calculated from the transmittance spectra by using envelope method. Absorption coefficient (?) and thickness of the films have been calculated using this method. Electrical resistivity values of the films have been determined using a four-point probe set-up.


Keywords :

ZnO, Ultrasonic spray pyrolysis, Envelope method, Optical properties

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