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Volume 3 Issue 2
Volume & Issue: Volume 3 Issue 2

Impact of Parameters on Characteristic of Novel PCS
  Volume 3,Issue 2

Author :

Pawan Whig, S.N Ahmad


Abstract :

Macro model for Photo catalytic sensor (PCS) proposed by Whig et. al in 2014 has great advantage as it overcomes several problems like complex designing, non-linearity and long computation time found in the FIA analysis. In this paper, effects of change in various parameters like Gain(K), threshold voltage(Vt), Source resistance (Rs) and Drain resistance (Rd) on the transfer characteristic of novel PCS is presented. The paper proposes an approach for easy and fast operation optimization of power of electronic devices using Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis(SPICE) model. It mainly focuses on a more general user friendly quick response time approach. Some exciting results including the effect of change in strength of sensor output signal with the above parameters are helpful during the fabrication of device. The real implementation of PCS has been done in VLSI Lab experimental results are included to validate the results. The results of simulation were found to be fairly in agreement with the theoretical predictions. The results exhibited near linear variations of parameters of interest with appreciably reduced response time.


Keywords :

Simulation, Photo catalytic sensor, Flow injection analysis, Macro model

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