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Volume 3 Issue 1
Volume & Issue: Volume 3 Issue 1

A Preliminary Study on Fisheries Economy of Pakistan: Plan of Actions for Fisheries Management in Pakistan
  Volume 3,Issue 1

Author :

Kiran Nazir, Mu Yongtong, Mohsin Ali Kalhoro, Khadim Hussain Memon, Mohammad Mohsin, Selly Kartika


Abstract :

Fishery management represents an organization consist of resources, industry market which are the basic pillars of fishery sector maintenance and these factors are interconnected with each other. If there is any irregularity to manage fish resources and their management, Government has been enforced to mediate, rightly or wrongly, to fill this space. Economically, balanced fishery management requires the revolution of common property through a restricted entry system intended to raise net benefits from the fishery. Management planning holds goals and policy objectives and the expansion of strategies to attain policy targets. If we study current condition of Pakistan's fishing industry it determines the ecological environment of Pakistan's fisheries and explain current developments in technology and their effect on the fish catch. The factors contributing to growth involve government efforts, fleet expansion and development of export markets. Development strategies look for balanced, efficient utilization of marine resources for the extensive objectives of national development. Therefore, policy makers' fisheries management perceptions and techniques are usually less effective in forwarding the need of the coastal communities. In order to develop fisheries Pakistan should require balanced resource management. This study also focuses on difficulties to maintain satisfactory management policy for the regulation of the Pakistan's fish industry.


Keywords :

Pakistan, Fisheries Management, Marine Policy, Exports, Seafood market, Fish Harbour

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