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Volume 3 Issue 1
Volume & Issue: Volume 3 Issue 1

Prediction of Bearing Faults of Induced Draught Fan Using Vibration Response
  Volume 3,Issue 1

Author :

G. Durga Prasad, K. Ramji, B.S.K. Sundara siva rao


Abstract :

Power Plants exist entirely through the Return on Investment business model. As such these power plants are built, maintained and operated within tight budgetary and production revenue constraints. A variety of O&M tools are available within the modern market, however the dynamics and resource issues associated with Power Plants translate into systems that obey PARETO. Power Plants facilities need fast, cost effective results and systems that solve 80% of problems with relative costs of 20% in terms of capex, revenue and resource. Condition Monitoring is best applied as part of a complete Maintenance and Operations system and should only be applied where, the detection methods are reliable and the cost of monitoring is a fraction of the plant reliability benefit. In this paper addresses the following aspects of Plant Condition Monitoring of induced draught fan rotor system of a large utility thermal power plant. The data has been logged for a period of 6 months and has been rationalized for ease of investigation. The values are plotted on time-domain for velocity to facilitate trend monitoring. Fault diagnosis of the rotor system is carried out for velocity measurements on the basis of experimental data using ISO codes and VDI Charts. At the end a few conclusions are drawn on the behaviour of the structure under investigation and adaptability of the methodology for similar investigation.


Keywords :

Vibrational velocity, Trend monitoring

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