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Volume 2 Issue 4
Volume & Issue: Volume 2 Issue 4

Evaluation of Drought Tolerance inWheat Genotypes by Drought Tolderance Indices
  Volume 2,Issue 4

Author :

A. Rahimi chegeni, M.R.Bihamta, M. Khodarahmi


Abstract :

In order to study stress tolerance indices and identify drought tolerant genotypes in wheat, an experiment was conducted on 43 wheat genotypes in a randomized complete block design with three replications in both irrigated and drought conditions at 2012-2013 crop year in Islamic Azad University of Khorramabad, Iran. The results of evaluating the genotypes for drought tolerance by mean productivity indices (MP), geometric mean productivity (GMP), stress tolerance index (STI), stress sensivity index (SSI), tolerance (TOL), drought sensivity index (DSI) and the harmonic geometric mean (Harm) showed that stress tolerance indices (STI), mean productivity indices (MP) and geometric mean productivity (GMP) were more successful for the screening of "Group A" genotypes (genotypes that had a higher yields in both stress or non-stress conditions) than other groups . Correlation analysis between grain yield for irrigated and drought stress conditions and drought tolerance indices showed that MP, GMP, Harm, and STI are appropriate indices for screening wheat genotypes. In this study the relationships among the indices had shown by biplot and revealed that genotypes No. 24, 2, 35 and 26 were as genotypes that led to the high yields in both normal irrigation and drought stress conditions.


Keywords :

Biplot, Drought, tolerance, Stress index, Wheat

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