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Volume 2 Issue 2
Volume & Issue: Volume 2 Issue 2

Studies on Effect of the Beauveria Bassiana on Eggs and Larvae of Plodia Interpunctella
  Volume 2,Issue 2

Author :

A. Sedehi, E. Sedaghatfar, S. S. Modarres Najafabadi


Abstract :

One of the most important pests of stored-product in worldwide is the Indian meal moth (Plodia interpunctella Hübner, Lepidoptera: Pyralidae). The pest larva penetrates in stored product masses and nutrients from the crops. The ascomycete Beauveria bassiana (Balsamo) Vuillemin is the common recognized enthomopathogen that parasite different stages of wide host range of insect species. In order to parasitic studies of the fungus on the eggs and larval stages of P. interpunctella, the research was conducted in in-vitro condition with temperature 25±2ºC and relative humidity 55±5% condition. For the stages 6 density of spores of the fungus was used. The experiments was conducted as completely random design with 6 treatments and 4 replications. Results showed significant difference in concentrations of the fungus spores on eggs and larva of the pest and LC50 was counted 7.4×107 conidia/ml for eggs and 6.6×106 conidia/ml for larva.


Keywords :

Indian meal moth, Plodia interpunctella, Beauveria bassiana, Enthomopathogenic fungi

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