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Volume 2 Issue 2
Volume & Issue: Volume 2 Issue 2

Equilibrium configurations of cantilever columns under a tip-concentrated subtangential follower force
  Volume 2,Issue 2

Author :

M. Mutyalarao, D. Bharathi, B. Nageswara Rao


Abstract :

Studies are made on the post-buckling behavior of a cantilever column subjected to a tip-concentrated subtangential follower force. The formulation of the problem results in non-linear ordinary differential equations amenable to numerical integration. A relation is obtained for the applied load in terms of the subtangential parameter and the tip-angle of the column. Also identified the range of the load parameter for which one can get multiple solutions.


Keywords :

Cantilever column, Large-deflections, Tip-concentrated load, Tip-angle, Subtangential parameter

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