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Volume 1 Issue 1
Volume & Issue: Volume 1 Issue 1

Mountainous Features of Global Atmospheric Electrical Parameters Over Various Tropospheric Regions of China
  Volume 1,Issue 1

Author :

Adarsh Kumar


Abstract :

Global atmospheric electrical parameters like as atmospheric conductivity, air-earth current density, electric field, and atmospheric potential have been estimated over 220 orographicaly important different places of China assuming fair weather conditions. Calculations have also been made for total cloud condensation nuclei for these places of China. Atmospheric electrical conductivity and current density have been found to increase with height from sea level, while electric field and atmospheric potential decrease in Chinese orography. New best fit regression lines along with various statistical parameters like as mean, median, average deviation, and different coefficients such as correlation, kurtosis, pearson and skewness have been obtained between the atmospheric electrical parameters and height from sea level for the orography of China in clean and clear atmosphere. The results show that the orographic feature is more important than the latitudinal behavior over China in the lower troposphere.


Keywords :

Atmospheric conductivity - Air-earth current - Electric field - Orography

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