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     Instruction for authors
  Canadian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences (CJBAS) aims to publish original research papers, reviews, short communications and case reports in all areas of scientific research.

  1. Submitting Papers to the Canadian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences

  Papers may be submitted only online via the Manuscript Central. Please register at the journal website, After login into the system as an author you can upload your manuscript.

  1.1 Manuscript organization:

 Manuscripts (original research) should contain following sections: Title, Authors names, Affiliations, Abstract, Keywords, Introduction, Materials & Methods, Results & Discussion, Acknowledgements, References, Figure Legends, Table Legends and Supplementary files, if any. Tables and figures can be inserted into the main text or added at the end of the manuscript.

  • Title should be concise, informative and representative of the contents of the manuscript. Abbreviations should be avoided within the title.
  • Full affiliations, postal addresses and emails must be given for all authors. Contact information (phone and fax number) of corresponding author is necessary.
  • Abstract (up to 250 words) containing objective and scope of the study should notify the important and significant results of the study. The abstract should comprise a brief review of the contents and the conclusions of the paper.
  • Keywords (3-6 words) should be provided directly below the abstract.
  • Introduction should illustrate problem statement and background of the study including literature review to justify the importance of study.
  • Materials and methods should include materials, design of the experiments (if any), analytical and characterization methods and any other data that is needed for results reproducibility.
  • Results and discussion (into one or two sections) should include results and their interpretations preferably by literature support of previous related studies and reasonable discussion of hypothesis.
  • Conclusions should clearly summarize the main conclusions of the research giving clear explanation of their importance and emphasizing on potential future directions.
  • Acknowledgements (if any) are for any contributions (institutions, persons or agencies) in design of study, data collection, data analysis and financial support (including grant number).
  • References are referred to any citations in the text, figures, tables and schemes and vice versa. References have to be listed at the end of manuscript in the numbered format according to their appearance order in the text. In the text, citations should be indicated by the reference number in square brackets i.e. [1]. The EndNote style for CJBAS is provided in the manuscript central that can be downloaded and used by EndNote Software. Please insert the DOI number (if there is) in separated line in the following format (example): DOI: 00.0000/Journalname.year.volume number. Note that the DOI number is generally displayed in the refereed publication OR it can be found by searching at

  Full reference should be given in a list at the end of the paper in the following form:


[1] Teribal A., Small B., Cerry C.: Complete title of the paper. Complete Name of the Journal, 1, 48-58 (2004). DOI: 00.0000/journalname.year.volumenumber

In press article:

[2] Teribal A., Small B., Cerry C.: Complete title of the paper. Complete Name of the Journal, Jul. 2015 (In Press)
DOI: 00.0000/journalname.year.volumenumber


[3] Big B.: Title of the book. Publisher, City (2002).

Book chapters:

[4] Tailor B.: Title of the chapter. in ‘Title of the book’ (ed(s).: James Z., Small U.) Publisher, City, Vol 1, 86-123 (2002).


[5] Smith D.: Title of the proceeding. in ‘Proceeding of Name of the Conference or Symposium. Place of the conference, Country’, Vol, 72-76 (2002).


[6] EN ISO 527: Plastics. Determination of tensile properties (1994).


[7]Jones G.: Title of the patent. Registration number, Country (2003).

Equations should be produced using Word Equation Editor. Equations should be numbered in sequence and referred to in the text, e.g "Equation (1)"

  1.2. Manuscript format:

  Manuscript files in Word (as .doc or .docx), or RTF format are acceptable.  

  The sequences of pages, tables, figures should be numbered with Arabic numerals.

  All manuscripts main body should be typed in single column, Times New Roman 12, 1.5 line-spaced with page numbers and A4 paper with page margins of top 2.5 cm, left, right and bottom 2 cm.

  Title should be in one or two lines, single spaced, Times New Roman 14, bold.

  Authors’ names would be in Times New Roman 11.5, Italic and their affiliations in Times New Roman 9.

  Corresponding email, phone and fax number would be indicated by an asterisk (*) as footnote by following format:

  E-mail, – Tel, (+country code) 00000000 – Fax, (+country code) 000000000

  Abstract and keywords font is Times New Roman 10.

  Each section’s title or subtitle should be typed using 12 point Times New Roman in the Bold face. Please number section titles and subtitles consecutively.

  All figures and drawings must be placed within the text immediately after they are first cited or at the end of manuscript, centered in the text. No hand-drawn figure will be accepted. Permitted file formats are JPEG (.jpg) and TIFF (.tif). Graphs should have minimum resolution of 600 dpi. Drawn Tables or image are not acceptable and they have to be prepared by MS Word or Excel. Acceptable system of units is SI and all variables and numerical values should be expressed in this system. Authors should clearly write units of quantities inserted in tables or used as labels of drawing axes. Each Figure and Table must have a number and a caption. Captions should be placed below the Figures/above the Tables and should be written in Times New Roman 10 pt. All figures should be cited within the text.

  References, as the final part of each paper, should be written by Times New Roman 11 pt.

  2. Copyright

  Authors (corresponding) have to state that their manuscript has been neither submitted for publication nor published in anywhere. So, all authors must sign the Copyright Transfer Agreement before the article can be published. Authors are responsible for obtaining permission to reproduce any figure for which copyright exists from the copyright holder.

  3. Proofs

  Proofs will be sent to the corresponding author ONLY and should return to the journal within one week. Major revision is not acceptable.

  4. Manuscript rejection

  Manuscripts that do not meet the technical or ethical standards (COPE according to the editorial policies will be rejected.Authors are responsible for any copied parts from other references (journal articles, books, thesis and dissertations, weblogs, reports and any other work, statement and hypothesis of others) and CJBAS is not responsible for any such scientific misconduct. If any misconduct is detected at any time during the publication process, CJBAS has the right to withdraw article. Repeating plagiarism or copy from other resources will put authors name in black list and the author`s institute will be informed under the advice of the Editor-in-Chief.
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